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Questions regarding MAXSPORT
  • How often should I take MAXSPORT ? 

MAXSPORT works best if taken everyday, even when you are not training​. Some of the ingredients take time to build up in the system so you will get much better results if you take it everyday.

  • It says take 4-6 capsules, How many should I take ?

If you are below 150 lbs or are concerned about how you might react to the ingredients we recommend you start with 4 caps per day for a week and see how you ​feel. Then either continue at 4 caps per day or move up to 6 caps per day if you are a high performance athlete. If you are above 150 lbs we recommend taking 6 capsules per day.

  • Is it best to take them all at once or divide up the doses ?

Ideally you would divide up the dose.Taking half in the morning and half in the early afternoon or one hour before training, but not too close to bedtime as they can be slightly energizing. Ultimately Its more important that you are taking them consistently everyday so if this means taking all 4-6 first thing in the morning because you may forget to take them later or can't, this is fine as well. 

  • Is it best to take with food or on and empty stomach ?

It's best but not necessary to take them on an empty stomach with 8oz or more of liquid if comfortably tolerated. 

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