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Rooted in nature.

THIOS Maxsport was created by its founder, Hadley Hodges, to help him improve all aspects of his athletic training. Hadley wanted something that would not only take his training to the next level, but would also improve his overall long-term health. He was not interested in short-term performance gains while compromising 

overall health. Out of this a highly effective organic, plant based supplement was born. 

 Most companies are doing one of three things:

1. Packing their supplements with synthetic ingredients to help you        perform better for a short period of time, but at a cost to your           long-term health.

2. Using ingredients of such poor quality that their products are not    effective. 

3. Using high-quality ingredients, but the supplements are                  improperly formulated at such low doses that they are


The Experts

"Thios MAXSPORT works great. I have been using this supplement for over two years. As an aging runner and outdoor enthusiast, MAXSPORT has increased my endurance levels along with aiding in recovery. As a sports performance therapist I recommend MAXSPORT to all of my athletes at the clinic."

Dr. Andrew S.

Hadley started 10 years ago by making a tea with 4 key ingredients. After getting great results for himself and other high performance athletes, and coaches, he decided to formulate his tea into a daily supplement using organic, sustainably-sourced high quality herbs. Since then, THIOS has increased the health and performance of Olympic, college, recreational and competitive athletes. Powered by nature, we take pride in our supplements to ensure they deliver positive, healthy and safe results. 

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